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Join us on our Viking tour, board a real dragon ship, taste the travel food and hear the Viking sagas!

Learn about Vikings through a guided tour* through modern Ålesund. With the help of our guides, you’ll journey back in time, board a real Viking dragon ship, taste the Vikings travel food, learn about their religion, laws, everyday life and hear the saga of the legendary Viking Rollo.

  • Starting point: Port of Ålesund, Keiser Wilhelms gate 2B, 6003 Ålesund
  • Time: 11 AM
  • Duration of the tour: 90 min

* The tour is undertaken on foot, with frequent pauses and is suitable for children.

Tour guides are dressed in Viking outfits, and will tell the story as it is told in local folklore and the Icelandic writer Snorri Sturlason’s book “Heimskringla”.

You will be received at the harbour gate, in the vicinity of your ship by a Viking and his, or her, trelle. The guide will provide you with all practical information of the tour, and the trelle will be at your service.

The tour is undertaken by foot, with frequent pauses wherein you will be presented with stories from the Viking’s everyday life, their legal system, religion and Rollo’s journey from being the outlaw son of the local Earl to becoming the ancestor of all European Royalty.

Along the way you will also get a taste of ancient traditions and meet fighting Vikings at land and by sea in a multimedia presentation.

The tour will end by the bronze statue of Rollo, which is a present from the French city of Rouen in order to commemorate the 1000 year anniversary for the founding of Normandy. He looks to the island of Giske where he lived.

This spot is a perfect starting point for own trips to the viewing point Fjellstua, or Aalesund city.